Welcome to Thinking Governance – a strategic resource for governing bodies of schools of all kinds, developed by the Education Office of the Church of England.

It is now available in two versions:

  • Thinking Governance – which takes 7-8 hours to complete
  • Thinking Governance Express – which take 3 hours to complete and is adapted for the Covid-19 era

Given all the other pressures governors and leaders are under, we recommend the Thinking Governance Express version to you.

Both versions help governors get a grip on the most elusive issues – clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction for the school – and build a new, fully-strategic plan for the school.

Uniquely, that new plan is contained on two sides of paper, meaning that everyone involved with the school can understand what the plan for the school actually is!

That’s one of the issues which inspections most often comment on as being under-developed by governors.

Both versions embed the core aspects of the Church of England’s Vision for Education, as well as the current SIAMS schedule. There’s more on those using the ‘context’ tab here.

 Thinking Governance in both versions has much to offer your school*, and I do hope that you’ll take it, use it and see significant ongoing improvements as a result.

Kindest regards

 Nigel Genders
Chief Education Officer

*Thinking Governance is also available in customised versions for DBEs, MATs and federations. For more on any of those, please contact Mark Craig, the programme’s developer, on 07811 696144 or at mark@question-mark.org