Swansea1-by-Alex-Baker-PhotographyWelcome to the Thinking Governance web site.

Thinking Governance is a resource for governing bodies developed by the Education Office of the Church of England.

It aims to help governors get a grip on that most elusive and complex of issues – clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction for their school. Having done that, the programme then helps to take that clear vision and ground it in the reality of the school’s development plan. That’s one of the issues which inspections most often comment on as being under-developed by governors.

I’m delighted that you’re having a look at what Thinking Governance can offer, and do hope that you’ll give it a try. If you complete the programme and let us know, we’ll then release to you our ‘TG Assured’ logo kit, which you can then use to show visitors, inspectors and others that as governors you’ve undertaken Thinking Governance together.

Kindest regards

Nigel Genders
Chief Education Officer