Swansea11-by-Alex-Baker-PhotographyThe Church of England Education Office serves children and adults in a variety of church and educational settings and seeks to promote an education that allows children and young people to live out Jesus’ promise of life in all its fullness.  We believe this to be an education that enables every child to flourish in the widest sense: to grow in wisdom; to cultivate a wide-ranging knowledge that will help broaden life chances; to develop the spiritual, intellectual and emotional resources they need to live a good life; and to develop the character to live well together in community.

Schools – supporting 4,644 Church of England schools

We work in partnership with the dioceses to support Church of England schools, and the 200 church schools in Wales.  Church of England schools have a Christian character and ethos, where the development of social, spiritual and emotional intelligence is as important as academic achievement.  Church of England schools are not ‘faith schools’ for Christians but Christian schools for all and, as such, are committed to serving the needs of the local community.