Hard Copy Version

The bigger picture

This page gives you all you need to run the hard copy version of Module 1 – it’s the easiest version to run.

In essence, you need:

A room with a couple of large tables pushed together

  • A pile of flipchart sheets to sellotape together to cover the tables (those sheets become your ‘screen’)
  • The cards (see download below)
  • Marker pens (to draw links between the cards – on the flipchart paper)
  • A way of playing back the four video clips (which you need to download below)
  • A way of taking an image of your completed ‘strategic picture’ (an iPad or similar is good)
  • a colour print-out of the full set of cards (see ‘downloads’ below)

The most important thing is to read carefully through the Facilitator Guide – that gives you all the guidance you need to make the session work well.


You need to download this zip file:

The zip file download contains the following files:

  • Cards.pdf – this file must be printed in colour and in full
  • Governor hand out.pdf
  • Quick notes.pdf
  • Session notes.pdf
  • System setup notes.pdf
  • Facilitator Guide.pdf
  • The Patchwork Quilt (video, .mp4 format, 73MB)
  • The Feedback Loop (video, .mp4 format, 35MB)
  • Agreeing outcomes for governors (video, .mp4 format, 41MB)
  • Agreeing outcomes for children (video, .mp4 format, 70MB)

Note – .mp4 video files should run on any current computer, whether PC or Mac

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