Swansea2-by-Alex-Baker-PhotographyThinking Governance is about enabling governing bodies to take some space to step back, develop a view on the question of ‘clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction’ – and then embed that view into a practical context, which includes the school development plan.

To do that, the programme has four modules, which take governing bodies on a journey from thinking about those big concepts to putting them into action.

The process is that the modules offer the chance for facilitators (who will typically will be the chair, having had the chance to experience the programme via Diocesan ‘champions’) to guide governing bodies towards a good outcome.

The modules use a combination of approaches and technologies. The first module  uses whiteboard software to let governors quite literally interact with their developing vision for the school, and create a picture of where they think the school should be headed.

That first module is also available in hard copy, which needs much less IT skill.

We estimate that the four modules should take around 6 hours in total, which seems like a small investment for a potentially significant return.

And if you complete the modules, we’ll send you our ‘TG Assured’ logos and branding kit, for you to use on your school resources and paperwork, to indicate that you’ve taken the time to work through this rewarding programme.

To see how the TG programme hangs together, click the ‘Progamme’ tab or click here.