Mac Version

The bigger picture

This page gives you all you need to run the Mac version of Module 1.

This option is more complex and needs more skills than the other versions. Also, most schools use PCs, not Macs.

It runs:

  • Using a Mac-enabled interactive whiteboard, and using the whiteboard to control the screen


You need to download this zip file.

The zip file download contains the following files

  • Mac Governor hand out.pdf
  • Mac Quick notes.pdf
  • Mac Session notes.pdf
  • Mac System setup notes.pdf
  • Mac Facilitator Guide
  • MacTG1 folder (which contains the interactive file MacM1.etnt to be installed on the Mac which will be used to run the session; video files are embedded within the MacTG1 folder too – don’t move anything out of that folder!)

Note – the video files must stay inside the folder.

The link to download the free RM Easiteach Next Generation software for Mac is at:

The licence key you need to enter is:

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