Module 3

Swansea7-by-Alex-Baker-PhotographyThe rubber hits the road

This module is the same for Church schools and non-Church schools (only Module 1 is different).

In Module 3, governors establish a set of key themes, which together will get the goals they chose in Module 1 delivered.

Those themes are drawn primarily from the strategic picture created in Module 1, but governors can also add any themes from the school’s existing SDP (or whatever the school calls it), should they have been missed in Module 1.

This module also helps governors be clear about which issues are strategic and which are operational.

The result is an insightful strategic plan, which has the enduring merit of being tightly related both to the school’s goals (as set in Module 1) and also to strategic elements of existing school planning.

Governors also have the chance to develop a distinctive narrative which explains the governors’ strategic vision to stakeholders.

You need:

A room with a couple of large tables pushed together

  • A flipchart
  • Flipchart pens
  • A way of playing back the video clips (within the download package)
  • Printouts of the various documents contained in the zip file download, as required (see below)

The most important thing is to read carefully through the Facilitator Guide – that gives you all the guidance you need to make the session work well.


You need to download this zip file.

The zip file download contains the following files:

  • Facilitator Guide.pdf
  • Session plan.pdf
  • Setup notes.pdf
  • Governor handout.pdf
  • Operational or strategic (video, .mp4 format, 119MB)
  • Strategic planning pitfalls (video, .mp4 format, 134MB)
  • Strategic plan – template.pdf
  • Strategic plan – example.pdf
  • Strategic picture – annotated example.pdf
  • Module overview.pdf
  • Completing the columns handout.pdf

You also need hard copies of:

  • The ‘strategic picture’ you created in Module 1 (printed in colour)
  • The school’s development plan (SDP) or equivalent


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