Module 4

Swansea8-by-Alex-Baker-PhotographyIndicators of change

This module is the same for Church schools and non-Church schools (only Module 1 is different).

The final module of Thinking Governance helps governors complete the strategic plan, which was begun in Module 3.

In doing that, it completes the journey from the ‘blank page’ development of new goals and the strategic picture of Module 1 to the finalising of a strategic plan which forms a radically-new narrative for governors to use.

This is the last step in the journey – and it is the key one.


You need to download this zip file.

The zip file download contains the following files:

  • Facilitator Guide.pdf
  • Session plan.pdf
  • Setup notes.pdf
  • Module overview.pdf
  • Governor handout.pdf
  • Finding the narrative (video, .mp4 format, 159MB)
  • Digging for treasure (video, .mp4 format, 154MB)
  • Indicators of change (video, .mp4 format, 176MB)
  • Target Tracker data sheet.pdf
  • ‘School context’ data sheet.pdf
  • Leading and lagging indicators.pdf
  • Interpreting the data.pdf
  • Strategic plan – completed example.pdf
  • Completing the columns handout.pdf

You also need hard copies for everyone of the strategic plan you began in Module 3.

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