Module 1

Swansea5-by-Alex-Baker-PhotographyModule 1 – The bigger picture

This first module is foundational to the others which follow. It provides the governing body with the chance to consider their really big goals for the school, and to develop a strategic sense of how these can be achieved.

The process for the first module centres around creating a ‘strategic picture’ (actually based on a concept called a ‘theory of change’).

The outcome is a considered set of governors’ goals for the school, along with a sense of how the activities of various groups (including governors themselves) are key in delivering them.

In essence, you need:

A room with a couple of large tables pushed together

  • A pile of flipchart sheets to sellotape together to cover the tables (those sheets become your ‘screen’)
  • The cards (see download below)
  • Marker pens (to draw links between the cards – on the flipchart paper)
  • A way of playing back the four video clips (which you need to download below)
  • A way of taking an image of your completed ‘strategic picture’ (an iPad or similar is good)
  • a colour print-out of the full set of cards (see ‘downloads’ below)

The most important thing is to read carefully through the Facilitator Guide – that gives you all the guidance you need to make the session work well.


You need to download this zip file:

The zip file download contains the following files:

  • Cards.pdf – this file must be printed in colour and in full
  • Governor handout.pdf
  • Session notes.pdf
  • Setup notes.pdf
  • Facilitator Guide.pdf
  • The Patchwork Quilt (video, .mp4 format, 73MB)
  • The Feedback Loop (video, .mp4 format, 35MB)
  • Agreeing outcomes for governors (video, .mp4 format, 41MB)
  • Agreeing outcomes for children (video, .mp4 format, 70MB)

Note – .mp4 video files should run on any current computer, whether PC or Mac

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