The bigger picture

The first module of Transforming Governance is the bedrock for the others. It needs to be done well – if it is, it helps unlock the value of the other modules.

Delivering the module has three different versions, which each require different levels of skill and equipment.

The versions are:

  • A hard copy version – which needs very little equipment, other than the ability to play back video downloaded from the Transforming Governance site
  • PC version – which is delivered using a PC-enabled school interactive whiteboard (which will need to be calibrated for the PC being used)
  • Mac version – which is delivered using a Mac-enabled school interactive whiteboard (which will need to be calibrated for Mac)

The skill levels needed for the PC and Mac versions are significantly higher than for the hard copy version, but they are interactive in a different way to the hard copy version.

If you’re not confident with interactive software – use the hard copy version.

Each version has a full Facilitator Guide, which walks you through how to deliver the session.

Once you’ve decided which version is the one you’d like to use, click one of the buttons below to go to the resources area for that version.

Hard copy version    PC version    Mac version

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