The Programme

Swansea3-by-Alex-Baker-PhotographyThe four modules within Thinking Governance build on each other, taking the governing body from developing a highly strategic picture of their thinking for the school all the way through to that becoming deeply embedded into the school.

Each module also uses a set of short video clips (typically one minute each) to help governors think about the key issues.

Finally, all of the modules are discussion-based, with the success of each being founded on lively interaction between governors.

The four modules are:

  1. ‘The bigger picture
  • in which governors together set an overarching strategic vision for the school
  1. The ‘smell’ of the school
  • in which governors consider the deep issue of the character of the school
  1. The rubber hits the road
  • in which governors take their vision and consider how that becomes a reality
  1. Indicators of change
  • in which governors explore how that reality can be evidenced

There’s more on each module in the ‘Modules’ tab, or by clicking here.